by Peter Rasmussen

Machinima for Dummies Out Now

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on September 6, 2007

Anyway – my and Johnnie Ingram’s book, “Machinima for Dummies”, is out
now and available from It’s a pretty complete guide to
filmmaking using computer games and other real-time 3D engines: we cover
filmmaking theory, storytelling, editing, distribution, publicity, 3D
modeling, compositing, choosing a game engine for your story, and more.

We also have detailed chapters on filmmaking using World of Warcraft,
The Sims 2, Medieval Total War 2, and Moviestorm – as well as a free
copy of Moviestorm that you can use straight away, on the cover.

Enough blurb! If you’re interested in letting people know about
Machinima for Dummies via blogs, articles, sites, whatever, that would
be great! If you’re just interested, that’s cool too.

You can learn more about the book and buy it, if you’re so inclined,


Hugh Hancock

Artistic Director, Strange Company


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