by Peter Rasmussen

Zork: The Grandfather of Story Games

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on August 6, 2007


Where it all began. Zork is thirty years old. One of the first and wittiest of the adventure games. The immersive game play is created through characters and ideas.

There is a delightfully charming story near the end of the article. Also, you can play the first Zork game for free



2 Responses to “Zork: The Grandfather of Story Games”

  1. Overman said

    Now how did I know you were an interactive fiction fan? 🙂

    I really think Infocom’s work in that era was the golden age of story as far as the computer goes. “Suspended”, “A Mind Forever Voyaging”… astoundingly engaging stuff. For a few years now, my ship-in-a-bottle project has been an IF game in ZCode (there’s actually still a little community which continues to produce the stuff). I’ll finish it one day.

  2. Peter said

    Story in game has got to come back as a driving force. It needs some identifiable style or format for people to get hip to what a joy it can be.

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