by Peter Rasmussen

Talking the Machinima Walk

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on August 1, 2007

Jackie Turnure and I have been invited to speak about the advantages of Machinima at a day of talking about digital filmmaking called “Digital Factor” 17 August 2007 at the Museum of Sydney

Here is a list of the day’s sessions
Shilo McClean, Author, Digital Storytelling: the narrative power of visual effects in film.

Case Study: Call Me Mum – director Margot Nash

Case Study: Stolen Life with creators Peter Rasmussen and Jackie Turnure.

Case Study: Look Both Ways with producer Bridget Ikin

Case Study: Rogue with Dave Morley and Andrew Hellen, VFX Supervisors, Fuel

The DVFx Artist’s Story – Didier Elzinga, CEO Rising Sun Pictures

Make It Look Cool – The Art of 300, Grant Freckelton, Animal Logic

The Storybuilding Project & Closing Remarks – Shilo McClean


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