by Peter Rasmussen

Interactive Story Telling

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on July 8, 2007

I was fascinated to read a post by “3dfilmmaker” at
He talks about the exciting new possibilities of “Interactive story telling” via the medium of Machinima. As 3DFM says the concept of interactive story itself is not new. You only have to visit
The Just Adventure web site
To see how dedicated the adventure game audience is.

I’m very excited to here interactive story telling is on it’s way back. At the outset I was not as big a fan of shooters as I was of story games. One of the most outstanding examples of “Interactive Movies” is the Tex Murphy series of games starring Chris Jones. He coined the phrase. Chris was also Co-author of the series. The Tex Murphy series was a leader in the field. It combined the ability to investigate the scene in three-dimensional space with the latest at that time in multimedia interaction and great science fiction detective stories. 

Chris Jones stars in the feature length machinima movie Stolen Life just released on DVD

Stolen Life Trailer on YouTube


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