by Peter Rasmussen

Mars Is Full of Holes

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on June 20, 2007

HoleThey are discovering crazy new things on Mars hand over fist these days. Water, enough water to cover the planet to a depth of eleven metres, coastlines, all sorts of things. Now they have found these holes. They’re just holes in the ground. Something that some people don’t know the difference between them and something else. So why do they have me so captivated? Because they are so deep they can’t see any light reflected off the bottom. Really deep. They can’t see light on the “sides”. People, that is scientists are saying they are caved in lava tubes. “Caved in”? But those holes are such neat circles. Could they be punched through by a meteor? But that’s not the thing that gets me. So far it’s all been pictures of the surface. These are the first images we’ve had that give a sense of there being an underground. Sure I’ve seen the ground penetrating radar of the ice under the pole. But they are so technical. But these holes look like the entrance to something. It’s one of those wonderful moments where a discovery comes in the form of an avalanche of questions. It’s not just the physical underground. These holes are like the entrance to the emotional interior of Mars. You can’t examine it from orbit. You have to go there. You have to go inside.

Windows onto the abyss: cave skylights on Mars

Mars by Stealth


3 Responses to “Mars Is Full of Holes”

  1. bllius69 said


  2. Yes, that is exactly what they are.

  3. Overman said

    Very exciting stuff!

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