by Peter Rasmussen

The Trajectory of the video Game Industry

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on May 12, 2007


Just Adventure has posted an article I wrote about the potential future of video games.

The game industry article looks at technology on the horizon and how it could impact the way we play video games. It looks at the advantages independent game makers have over larger companies. And considers how and why independent developers have become an essential part of the game industry, and in particular at the creative process at the heart of that development. And at the creative feedback that comes from video game offshoots like modding and machinima.

Okay So Far (Video game industry article)


4 Responses to “The Trajectory of the video Game Industry”

  1. Simanticus said

    wasn’t Chris Jones also the CEo of Bethesda at one time? I remember working with him on the Tex Murphy series.

  2. Simanticus said

    Correction: Access Software not Bethesda.

  3. Yes, that sounds right.

  4. Simanticus said

    Chris has always had acting in his veins, and it was because of his entertainment industry approach to computer games, Access was one of the very first computer games to have real speech. He’s a the REAL unsung hero of SOUND in computer games.

    “Sorry, can’t help you…” – Magic Castle

    Chris knows what that means LOL!

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