by Peter Rasmussen

I Am the Slime from the Video

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 22, 2007


I saw a great doco on Frank Zappa last night. I have been fond of his music for a long time but I wasn’t aware of what a powerhouse he was.

I got a stronger sense of why Phillip Johnston is so fascinated by Frank Zappa and captain Beefheart

Phillip Johnston composed the music for the machinima movie Stolen Life. His web site is at:

Zappa had the foresight to retain ownership of all his master tapes at a time when they were always the property of the studios. Zappa would rework and re mix elements from disparate recordings to make whole new pieces of work. Isn’t that supposed to be a new thing?

“Jazz isn’t dead it just smells funny”
Frank Zappa


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