by Peter Rasmussen

The Making of Stolen Life

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 21, 2007


Shot on location on a far flung asteroid. The Just Adventure web site has posted an article I wrote on the making of Stolen Life. It tracks the process from the beginnings of the script during production of Killer Robot through devising the computer code to make the machinima system all work and construction of the models and locations to working with the stars Claudia Black and Chris Jones, through animation to completion.

Stolen Life went on to received six nominations and one award at the 2006 New York Machinima Film Festival. And is soon to be released on DVD.

Randy Sluganski of Just Adventure gives a very complimentary intro.


4 Responses to “The Making of Stolen Life”

  1. Denise said

    Great article. Everyone is really excited to see the finished product.

  2. Thanks. It’s been a great journey.

  3. Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said

    “It sounds terribly mundane but one of the things that struck me about a project like this is file management.”

    Ah, that’s one of those “I’m someone who has worked on a feature-length Machinima piece” moments. I seem to recall that I’ve devoted entire (very boring) entries in the BloodSpell blog to file management and how not to fuck it up. Almost totally irrelevant on a short film, an absolute bloody nightmare on a larger one.

    (Particularly when you have multiple people working on assets).

    I can strongly recommend Subversion as a version-control system for your files. It saved our bacon half a dozen times.

  4. Tidiness rocks!

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