by Peter Rasmussen

Overcast Interview on Stolen Life

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 21, 2007


I was just interviewed by Phil Rice (a.k.a. Overman) for the Overcast podcast.

It was a real pleasure talking to another dedicated machinima maker and lover of sci-fi. It was a hoot. I’m not sure when it will be ready but I will post an update here or you can keep an eye out for it at The Overcast web site.

The Overcast a machinima Podcast


3 Responses to “Overcast Interview on Stolen Life”

  1. Hugh Hancock and I recorded and interview with Phil a few days ago, during which he mentioned that you were going to be his next interviewee. I’m glad you’ve managed to record the interview successfully so quickly. In our case, it was far from the first attempt!

    Looking forward to hearing the interview. Both Overman and you always have opinions and comments worth hearing, so the two of you hashing it out in the same virtual room should be obligatory listening.

  2. Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said

    Awesome. We were very excited when we learned that you were next after us on the list!

  3. Thanks. It’s always a joy to chew the fat with a like mind. I’ll certainly be tuning in to hear about the latest on Bloodspell.

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