by Peter Rasmussen

Stolen Life Review

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 20, 2007

A fan who attended the industry screening has written a review of Stolen Life. Mat Van Rhoon is a long time fan of Chris Jones who stars in the Tex Murphy series of interactive adventures. Chris Jones is now starring in Stolen Life. A fan overseas put us in touch with Mat who lives in Sydney. Mat came to the industry screening of Stolen Life and has written a review posted on a Tex Murphy fan forum. He offers an interesting objective eye on machinima.

Stolen Life Review by Mat Van Rhoon
[Click Here]


2 Responses to “Stolen Life Review”

  1. That’s a very interesting review, and one I’d recommend everyone interested in long-form machinima should read.

    I was particularly interested in his “20 minute mark” – it’s a working theory amongst the BloodSpell team that one thing that hurt us was the short episode length, which didn’t give non-Machinima fans a chance to get used to the aesthetic. We’ll see how that pans out with the feature-length version.

  2. So much of 3D-computer animation over the years has been striving for photorealism that a mindset has become entrenched that you can’t have 3D-computer animation that doesn’t resemble reality. Where other forms of animation seem to be received with more of an open mind.

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