by Peter Rasmussen

The Machinima Advantage

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 18, 2007

Independent filmmaking has for so many years been cursed with a financial chasm that lay between the desire to tell a story on film and the opportunity to actually get something up on the big screen. Digital video technology and the Internet is going a long way toward getting the word out but it also means that every person and their hamster is making video. There’s a lot of junk out there to exhaust possible punters.

Machinima has an advantage in that they have an immediately identifiable core audience in gamers. To add to this gamers have an intrinsic sense of community and are hip to video that looks like the inside of a game. So the game engine aesthetic is actually an advantage. Gamers get a sense that they are going to get something tough and fresh that’s made by people who share their sensibilities. Sensibilities they will never find in the mainstream.

The modding community in particular have an apatite for being pro active in hunting out and spreading the word on exotic new adventures in the medium. It’s movies by fans for fans.

For a seriously comprehensive look at the problem of being heard through the cacophony of today’s information storm:
“Search – Retrieve – Machinima” at
Shattered Keyboard
[Click Here]


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