by Peter Rasmussen

Powered shoes

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 9, 2007


Go nowhere in your own sweet time.

They are a kind of roller-skate. The wheels are computer controlled to cancel out the steps of the wearer, like a kind of moonwalk, or not. So you can walk all over virtual space. If you watch the video it’s not so much walking as a kind of limping. I don’t like to be a wet towel. It’s an interesting approach and might lead to something. It would seem to need to be faster and more powerful for a smooth performance. Running might be a problem because both of your feet leave the ground when you run.

They are trying to tackle the same thing as the “VirtuSphere” mentioned earlier in this blog. The shoes are more compact but have a ways to go.

Info and a short movie clip at:

The movie clip is quite a bizarre thin in it’s self.


One Response to “Powered shoes”

  1. David said

    Here is another approach as well: an infinite floor.

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