by Peter Rasmussen

Brain to Game Interface

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 7, 2007

Emotive Systems have created a helmet and software that will allow gamers to move objects in virtual space with their thoughts. It’s based on serious medical research and it’s the real deal

I have been fascinated for a while by the idea of lucid dreaming. My daily timetable is too unpredictable at the moment to practice it seriously. It would seem to require a similar level of attention as getting good at a musical instrument. But it occurred to me you could potentially influence the dreams with some programmed sound effects through the night. But I could not work out how the “aware” dreamer could effect the program running the sounds without waking. Maybe this new interface is a way.

The developers say young players have the best successes with the system because they have no barriers to believing they can change the shape of the world with their minds.

“You believe you can, you believe you can’t. Either way you’re right”.
Henry Ford


2 Responses to “Brain to Game Interface”

  1. Jake said

    prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The makers of the helmet say it will be available in about a year so your answer will be right there in the pudding.

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