by Peter Rasmussen

Release Imminent

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 6, 2007

All the elements are now in place to enable us to make the Stolen Life DVD available for sale online. The actual mastering and so on should take place shortly. As soon as we have a release date it will be announced here and on the Stolen Life web site.

This is a very good day.

Stolen Life is a feature length Machinima movie starring Claudia Black of Stargate and Farscape and Chris Jones of Tex Murphy.


3 Responses to “Release Imminent”

  1. Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said

    Fantastic! I’ll be placing an order as soon as it becomes available.

  2. […] Peter Rasmussen says the Stolen Life for-sale DVD release is imminent. Details will be released on Nanoflix’s blog and on the Stolen Life site. Not the first commercial machinima DVD, but a significant one, being that the DVD is currently the only place the film can be seen in full. […]

  3. Katarzyna said

    Hooray!!! This is wonderful piece of news! As soon as it is available, I’ll place my order.

    Happy Easter, btw 🙂

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