by Peter Rasmussen

Faces in a Room

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on April 1, 2007

I’m at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. There are pictures everywhere. The walls are covered in them. Very interesting. They get glances, sometimes long glances. As I go deeper into the back rooms the pictures fill with faces. Deeper still and it’s a dark room, square with a screen covering each of the four walls. A single face fills the screen in front of me. The image is cross fading to something else but is it a still or… It blinked. The eyes in the face blinked, very slowly. The face glances to the side and then back, very slowly. The camera slides down. I look at the other wall the sequence is a bit out of sync but it’s the same sequence. The camera slides down to another face. The faces are looking at something, staring. And the sound is muffled, an organic rumble. The camera moves to another face. They are all looking at something, sort of up at something. And then I realised so was I. I was looking up at the big screen and so were the people with me.


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