by Peter Rasmussen

Mad Bomber In Love

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 29, 2007

How to make a no budget movie. You can’t get money but you can get stuff. A few years ago I worked on a film “Mad Bomber In Love”. We called it a “No budget movie”. It was at a time when the industry was extremely quiet so we ended up getting a lot of people keen to work on it. The crew were experienced professionals who had worked on features but not as head of department. They saw it as an opportunity.

We found very quickly that getting money from companies was like getting blood from a stone. But it was much easier to get stuff from them. That’s what they’ve got lots of, warehouses full of it. Stuff as far as the eye can see. In this way we got a house to shoot in, all manner of props, even scuba gear in exchange for sponsoring credits on the film.

The caterer could not make the last two days of the shoot. The cinematographer was at a dinner where one of the other guests was an executive of a new domestic airline. When told about our entrepreneurial project he said, “If there is any way I can help.” So the last two days of the shoot we were eating airline food. It was okay.

I’ve been trying to break in to writing for games. As a way of approaching that I’ve been trying to get work writing about games. I offered a couple of articles to Just Adventure, a web site dedicated to adventure video games.

Randy Sluganski who runs Just Adventure offered me the option of banner advertising for Stolen Life in exchange for a couple of articles. Perfect timing


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