by Peter Rasmussen

Spare Clever Things

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 25, 2007


Weather you’re a Renaissance man or a jack of all trades there’s only enough time for so many ideas in one life. What do you do with extra ideas you don’t have time to pursue?

A while ago now I figured out a really simple way of using robots to build habitats on a planet out of the local dust before the travellers arrived. I made a little animation to show how it worked. There is a one-minute movie clip and a brief outline at:

But you can’t be an inventor and make films. You have to choose. That is unless you’re Howard Hughs. Getting an invention to see the light of day takes just as much energy as getting a film made. I know that there’s a scientist somewhere who would find it useful if only to provoke ideas. But it takes so much time and effort just to find them.


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