by Peter Rasmussen

Team Fortress II Cometh

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 20, 2007

People keep saying Team fortress II is coming out later this year. If you believe that you’ll swallow the whole lunar cow, dish spoon conspiracy. They said that last year. The last post about TF2 on Planet Fortress hasn’t changed for months.

Anyway I’ve got this great idea for a weapon/tactic. Why don’t I send it to Sierra? What happens? One e-mail reading office person reads it and says “nah” and I get that “my e-mail hasn’t been replied to feeling”
So I’m putting it here.

Anyway, the idea is this. You have a homing device. You run/sneak into the other team’s camp. You stick the homing device to something, a building, a long-range gun, a truck or an enemy soldier’s underpants. A team member at your fort launches the missile. It heads for the homing device. The enemy radar detects a missile in the air. It sounds a general warning. There’s still time. But where is the homing device? If they can find it and carry it out of the camp they save lives. Maybe not their own. Or maybe they could slap it on one of their missiles and send it out that way. Anyway.


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