by Peter Rasmussen

The Long Tail

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 20, 2007

I have been aware of the marketing concept of The Long Tail for a while now but I was thrilled to stumble over a comprehensive article in Wired Magazine “The Long Tail” By Chris Anderson

In it he explains how Internet distribution has resulted in niche entertainment collectively returning more revenue than blockbuster hits. This phenomenon is one of the powerful forces changing the face of book, music and movie distribution.

For me this is not only thrilling as an independent film maker but as a consumer of popular culture. I’m so sick of cookie-cutter blockbusters. It’s such a shame to see all those amazing special effects wasted on a nothing story or a potentially great idea dumbed-down into oblivion.

It’s even possible that as some of the fringe art producers become more sustainable and acquire profile that they may have a stronger influence on the quality of the mainstream productions.


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