by Peter Rasmussen

Life’s a Pitch

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 15, 2007

Me Me Meme
A pitch for a movie about memes

Boy meets girl
Boy gets down
Girl gets it on
Boy gets it up
Girl loses cherry
Word gets out
Girl gets wise
Boy loses face
Things get said
Argument gets heated
Fools rush in
Going gets tough
Tough go shopping
Girl gets a nasty rash
Excuse gets old
Girl gets the goods
Girl loses faith
Excuse meets its maker
Girl meets the press
All meat paddy
Grist meets mill
Girl loses cool
Fist meets face
Boy loses lunch
Girl gets even
Boy gets heave-ho
Girl gets gone
Boy loses girl
Boy gets a move on
Girl goes to ground
Boy gets shafted
Plan goes awry
Goose gets cooked
Boy gets boot
Boy looses hope
Hope meets eternity
Boy gets it on
Boy gets girl again

Memes are mind viruses. Like the selfish gean their only reason to exist is to replicate. Any idea, joke, jingle or myth that survives by passing from mind to mind to survive is a meme. Susan Blackmore says our sense of self is a condition created by a community of memes for their benefit not ours.

Susan Blackmore explains memes – podcast

Memes and Motifs: Living Memories (text)


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