by Peter Rasmussen


Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 13, 2007

The space is dimly lit. A large screen covers one wall. The words “To be” are large on the large screen. On the top left is a grey square with a small blue flashing square in it. The grey area represents the floor and the blue square is where I must go.

When I move a green square tracks my movement across the grey area. It’s harder than expected to line up on the blue square. Swaying a bit where you stand seems to help the system to locate you.

When you get to the right location the blue square goes red, some video plays a voice says “or not” and the blue square moves to a new place on the grey area and waits for you. The text now says “or not”.

I started to get good at moving to the new location and making the blue square red and getting more video and more text. Then it got harder. Before I could get to the blue square it would move and move again. The text on the screen was “To Suffer”.

Was this pre programmed or was the system making it harder because I was getting better? If I could have made it to the opening I would have heard the explanation and seen the demo.  I actually quite like muddling through. How the thing works becomes a treasure hunt of it’s own. Levels of realisation open up as you investigate. It’s a journey not in physical space.

I got as far as “slings and arrows” and the friend I was with had to go because his young daughter was demanding a lollypop.

/To Be or Not To Be/, an interactive artwork by Roman Danylak and Alastair Weakley. This work is on exhibit from the 5th February to the 23th March 2007 in Beta_Space, located in the Cyberworlds Galleries, ground floor of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.


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