by Peter Rasmussen

The hard word

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 9, 2007

The way I understand it you’re supposed to court each potential film distributor one at a time to make them feel like they’re the only one that exists.

I think they’re more grown up than that so I invited a bunch to the same screening of Stolen Life so they can duk it out. Our premiere is in a couple of weeks so we’ll see how shrewd my reasoning is.

I’m really looking forward to getting the DVD online with a funky new distributor. The old distribution model was so passive. You hand your baby over to people who have a long list of other titles to take care of and if it doesn’t catch fire in a week you’re history.

Distributing online there are so many ways to get directly to the audience that are hungry for what you’ve got. Being someone who thrives on reinventing the wheel the thing that I look forward to the most is the potential of perhaps discovering even more new ways of exploiting the Internet to reach our audience.

Stolen Life is a feature length Machinima movie starring Claudia Black of Stargate and Farscape and Chris Jones of Tex Murphy.


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