by Peter Rasmussen

Too Much Fun

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 6, 2007

I’ve just come back from The Machinima Film Festival at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne. Jackie Turnure and I presented a case study on the making of Stolen Life.

Helen Stuckey and the charming ACMI team did a great job to make the event a breeze for all the guests and very stimulating to be a part of. It was a wonderfully eclectic group of machinima makers who spaned the medium from narrative storytelling to fascinating adventures into abstract and conceptual art.

The hight of the event for me was Friedrich Kirschner’s presentation. He showed off some of his very imaginative works and demonstrated some software tools and techniques he had developed.

At one stage he pointed a computer camera straight down into a Tuperware container. In the container was a toy rhinoceros. He starts spooning in milk. Three spoons then he clicks a button on the computer. Then he repeats this cycle again, three spoons and the computer button click.

My first reaction was that this was getting just a little too odd. He kept going. And then there was a moment when the penny dropped for all of us and there was a collective gasp of acknowledgment. With each layer of milk he was scanning the cross section of the rhino. As he built up scanned layers in the software it produced a 3D topographic map from the rising tide of milk. This is the most ingenious way of capturing a 3D shape into a computer I have seen for a long time.

Stolen Life is a feature length Machinima movie starring Claudia Black of Stargate and Farscape and Chris Jones of Tex Murphy.


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