by Peter Rasmussen

Perpetual stasis

Posted by Peter Rasmussen on March 6, 2007

In some countries government support is given to the less profitable end of filmmaking in the interest of protecting and cultivating that countries culture. As absolutely vital as this support is if it’s not managed with delicate insight it can become a bureaucratic development hell.

The French government has recently made moves to give its game industry the same incentives and protection that it has heaped on it’s film industry. Sounds good doesn’t it? A good friend of mine was on a government panel to assess funding for a bunch of short films. Everyone on the panel was like him young and passionate about filmmaking. They were peers and respected each other’s work.  Everyone had a film in the batch of submissions they were terribly excited about and wanted to champion to be funded. But no two people on the panel liked the same film. For every film in the batch that was loved by someone on the panel there was someone else who detested it. Not one of the favourite films got through. Only the less provocative second options got funded. Only the mediocre ones got to see the light of day.


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